Saralunden is the name artist Sara Lunden uses for her music and performance work. She started out making music around 1998 and
has now fully developed a style of her own mixing genres like
disco, schlager, chanson and electro in her own very unique way. Many times her performances involves set ups like for example a men's choir, adding different backgrounds for her sparse and melancholic vocals. Read more>>>
She has released a CD single and a recent album "I will sun
and spring you down" on Lobotom Records. Below Saralunden makes
a performance at SOC in Stockholm in autumn 2003 accompanied by
a guerilla guitar group of nine male acoustic guitarists. Image
above from Bläckfisken by Annika Larsson. Image below by Juan
Pedro Fabra Guemberena.
Below you see Saralunden perform in her astro suit together with
Ida Lunden, Henry Moore Selder and Niklas Korsell in Januari 2001
make it happen releases:
7" Vinyl Turn me over to the devil
Compilation CD All songs are sad songs
Contact: saralunden@abnormalaudio.com

other releases
Lobotom Records
Abnormal Audio

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