"Sing a song fighter", Blood Music's first CD album is now out and it is a great feeling. If your local record dealer hasn't got it, you can order it from most of the mailorders on the net, for example here. And from the U.S mailorder Parasol Meanwhile, you can all listen to and download the new Mp3 single "The hair" and "There is a war in almost every corner" from the album. Feel free to pass it around. Here are some reviews by the way! Blood Music will, in various shapes, give some concerts here and there during 2006. I hope I'll see you there / Mr Blood
My days and weeks
Some thoughts about this and then some more about that
Live dates
The rumour has it that blood music gives a concert or two now and then
The one and only
Things for your stereo
Make it happen
The lovely label who will put out blood music's first album. And that's not all...
First Floor Power
The band who gave birth to Blood Music and the band Blood Music always comes home to in the morning
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* Thank you Luca Frei for drawing Blood Music