Blood Music "Don Quite", released in November 2007
Blood Music "Sing A Song fighter!", released in October 2005
Blood Music "There is a war in almost every corner" Free Mp3 single
Autohorse CD "Shoot the Phone" mkth 15/04 (JUNE 2004!!!)
Puppet Masters CD "Midnight Graffiti" mkth 14/03
Puppet Masters 12" Vinyl "Tonight's the night" mkth 13/02
Rock Out CD "Sound Check" mkth 12/ideal 02
make it happen compilation CD/Various Artists
"All songs are sad songs" mkth 11/01

Chihuahua CD "Extra Everything" mkth 10/00
Saralunden 7" Vinyl "Turn me over to the devil" mkth 08/00
Påve 7" Vinyl "Slow/stora hav" mkth 09/00
Ace Leaf 7" Vinyl "Christmas with you" mkth 07/99
Puppet Masters 10" Vinyl "Art Creep" mkth 06/99
Vega 7" Vinyl "You wanna know how I feel" mkth 05/99
Revlon 9 7" Vinyl "Carry me no more" mkth 04/99
Hell on wheels 7" Vinyl "Power bubbles blown..." mkth 03/98
Monkey Lee Knockouts 7" Vinyl "Baptised by fire" mkth 02/98
Chihuahua 7" Vinyl "Monument/Renegade" mkth 01/98

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