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BLOOD MUSIC "There is a war" mp3 3 mb
NEW MP.3 single taken from the forthcoming debut CD album "Sing a song fighter!" to be released in the beginning of October."There is a war" is written by Karl-Jonas Winqvist, accordion by Ida Lunden, cello by Christian Hörgren, acoustic guitar by Marcus Palm,violin by Victor Hvidfeldt, electric piano, lead vocals and percussion by Karl-Jonas Winqvist, peace choir: Sara, Per, Marcus, Majna, Johanna, Erik, Ika and Astrid. Recorded and mixed by Joachim Ekermann in Hallonbergen/Ör 2005

Saralunden "One Time" mp3 3 mb
Previously unreleased track by Saralunden backed by Niklas Korsell on drums, Henry Moore Selder on bass and Ida Lunden on organ. Recorded in 2001

Puppet Masters "Homeless" mp3 5,2 mb
Previously unreleased Puppet Masters track from 2001. A fantastic cover version of Homeless by the swedish group Gimmicks from 1970. (B Egerbladh/F Cowan. Flamingo Musikförlag P 1970 Polydor)

Chihuahua "Skeletto" mp3 4,2mb
Previously unreleased track by Chihuahua. Written and produced by Chihuahua (Selder/Brobacke) Recorded in kolsyrefabriken, August 1996. Drums by Tobias Bernstrup, Bongos by Niklas Korsell, Vocal, synthesizer, Percussion by Henry Moore Selder, Vocal, trombone, etc by Viktor Brobacke Stringmachine by Per Nyström, Upright bass by Mattias Areskog, Saxophone by Martin Linder and Alex Roth, Trumpet by Rikard Elofsson

Chihuahua "Unhappy Hour" mp3 4,7mb
Brilliant Chihuahua track taken from their debut CD album
"Extra Everything" 2000. Written and produced by Chihuahua (Selder/Brobacke) Recorded in Pelle Gunnerfeldt's Studio Gröndal. Vocals, JVC & keyboard by Henry Moore Selder, Vocals, trombon and melodica by Viktor Brobacke, Tenor saxophone by Sussie Nordling and Martin Linder, Barryton Saxophone by Alex Roth, trumpet by Rickard Elofsson and Christoffer Roth, Organ by Per Nyström, Congos, Cowbells and percussion by Niklas Korsell, guitar by Liv Marit Bergman

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